We are pleased to announce that JMK Admin Services has been named “Favourite Micro Business” at the 2017 Be Local Awards. Thank you kindly to everyone who voted for us.

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Our Story

JMK Admin Services is a group of professionals in the field of administration. Our years of experience make us the perfect choice for all your business needs: from payroll to billing we can take care of all the details and free up your time for the important business at hand. We are best suited to smaller businesses – perhaps you have a need for some assistance but cannot afford the costs associated with hiring even a part time person? We are the perfect solution! Whether it’s 2 hours a day, 2 hours a week or 2 hours a month, no job is too small for us. We will save you both time and money!

Our Guarantee

At JMK Admin Services we guarantee the work will be done 100% accurately and within the timeframe requested – our rock solid promise to you and your clients.

Our Values

With efficiency and an honest work ethic, we want to take the stress and worry about the administrative work from you. We want to give you back the time you need to focus on developing your business and providing a service to your clients, while we take care of the little details.

Why Choose JMK Admin Services?

We are seasoned professionals and we will save you money! Here are just a few reasons to hire us:


Save on CPP Premiums

You are not responsible for paying out CPP premiums.

Save on EI Premiums

You are not responsible for paying out EI premiums

Save on Benefit Packages

We do not require expensive company-paid benefit packages.

We Don't Require Desks, Computers, or Office Equipment

We work remotely and have all the tools we will need to for the job.

No Training Needed

We have many years of professional experience so, in most cases, we will not require you to spend resources on training us.

Save On Overtime Costs

Paying employees for overtime can be costly. With JMK, you will never be charged for overtime hours and you will get the work done right and on time.

"Always Available" Work Hours

We set our own schedules. This makes us very flexible and available when you need us.

Variety of Industry Experience

We have worked in many different industries and are equipped to take on work from all of them.

You Don't Pay for Vacation Time or Breaks

You are not required to pay us vacation time or for break time! We bill only the hours agreed upon and worked.